Suda make a stunning debut at Hainan International Auto Show

Release Time : 2020-11-17 16:12:00

From November 12 to 15, the "2020 Hainan Free Trade Port (South) International Auto Show" hosted by Hainan New Energy Automobile Association, Sanya Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Sanya Media Film Group Co., Ltd. was held at Sanya Mangrove International Convention and Exhibition Center. Henan Suda Electric Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd. making a stunning appearance with its two models, the Suda SA01 and SD01.And the two models has been highly praised by the participants and the news media. 
At the exhibition, famous cars gathered together,and received widespread attention. The Suda pure electric vehicle is one of only eight pure electric vehicles at the auto show. The SA01 lemon yellow sedan and SD01 light blue hatchback presented a visual feast for visitors.The sense of technology and fashion have surprised foreign friends again and again, attracting a large number of visitors in the past few days to stop and praise the Suda pure electric vehicle.
Since its launch in June 2019, the Suda pure electric vehicle has continuously attracted the attention of domestic and foreign markets, and its development momentum has become more obvious. On January 29 this year, it obtained the EU WVTA certification with excellent quality.As a new force and young member of new energy vehicle company, Suda are boldly attempting and pursuing excellence with the spirit of innovation and pioneering. On April 20 this year, the first batch of 200 Suda SA01 was exported to Germany and was tested by professional institutions. All parameters meet the requirements, and successfully entered the German Ministry of Transport supplier catalog, becoming the only car company selected into the catalog at present.
At the exhibition, SA01 and SD01 models have high cost performance and strong applicability, which can meet the needs of different users, and show the sincerity of Suda to various groups.
A number of media including Sanya Radio and Television Station and Sanya Daily came to the Suda show site four times to conduct field interviews. On November 13th and 15th, Sanya Radio and Television Station conducted live broadcasts.
As an international tourist city, Sanya pays more attention to green travel. In recent years, it has introduced a series of preferential policies for new energy vehicles, which has a good market development prospect, and provides a good opportunity for Suda pure electric vehicles to enter Sanya.In the future, with the advancement of the national new energy strategy and the continuous optimization of the Hainan market, Suda pure electric vehicles will surely be presented to Sanya with richer products, better brands and more comfortable experience, so as to create more comfortable, intimate and warm products for consumers,  so that "Suda Technology, benefit mankind" spread to thousands of households in Hainan.