Cooperation With Korea Aurora Automobile Co., Ltd.

Release Time : 2020-10-31 10:50:00

Park Kyung Chul,CEO of South Korea Aurora Automobile Co., Ltd., and his delegation visited Suda.
On the afternoon of October 29, park Kyung Chul, CEO of Aurora Automobile Co., Ltd., visited Henan Suda Electric Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Suda company) to seek more cooperation, hoping to import and circulate various models of Suda company in Korea based on Suda pure electric vehicle project.
Accompanied by An Zejun, Deputy General Manager of Suda Company, Park Kyung Chul and his entourage visited the electric vehicle production base of Suda Company, and drove the Suda pure electric vehicle independently developed and produced by Suda Company, listened the introduction of the appearance design, internal structure of the electric vehicle,and the core technology application. Park Kyung Chul highly praised of the handling, power, comfort and vehicle performance of the Suda pure electric vehicle, expressed satisfaction with the driving experience. Park Kyung-Chul said that he has visited many automobile enterprises at home and abroad. He was deeply impressed and shocked by Suda pure electric vehicle, the first place where pure electric vehicles started and has more than 30 years of technology precipitation. At present, Suda has a very strong technical strength and level, has a very strong development potential and wide market prospects, is the partner they have been looking for.
In Sanmenxia Suda transportation energy saving Technology Co., Ltd., park Kyung-Chul and his party visited Suda new energy technology research institute. At the following symposium, An Zejun welcomed Park Kyung-Chul and his party, introduced the technological innovation and international market development of Suda company, and analyzed the current development situation of new energy vehicles in the world.
Park said South Korea is paying more and more attention to the field of electric vehicles because of high gas oil prices and environmental problems, and the government is also actively encouraging the introduction of electric vehicles. With the gradual expansion of the domestic electric vehicle market demand in South Korea and the increasing of government support, the performance and price advantages of Suda pure electric vehicle will become more and more prominent. It is the best time for Suda electric vehicle brand to occupy the South Korean market. In the future, the company will take the pure electric vehicle project as the starting point to have a lot of cooperation in the field of electric vehicles.
It was learned that the Aurora Automobile Co., Ltd. is a professional company which mainly engaged in electric vehicle import and distribution in South Korea, the company has strong comprehensive strength. In South Korea, it has carried out a number of business such as import car sales, vehicle certification, after-sales management, brand maintenance, and has built a comprehensive online and offline automobile channel sales mode in South Korea, and gathered a large number of expert talents in the field of automobile import, circulation and sales.