1274 Suda electric cars are officially handover to citizens

Release Time : 2020-05-29 09:43:00

On  May 29, the EV handover ceremony for SA01CA / SD01CA users of Henan Suda Electric Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd. was held in Suda company. Sun Jiwei, vice mayor of Sanmenxia municipal government, Fu Xuejun, vice president of Zhengda Group and senior vice president of Yichu industrial group, leaders of Shangqiu Transportation Bureau and other relevant departments attended the ceremony.
On behalf of the municipal government, Sun Jiwei expressed his gratitude to the counties (cities, districts) and municipal units that supported the development of the new energy vehicle industry,and congratulated the Suda company  which has been committed to the long term research and development and manufacturing of new energy vehicles.
Sun Jiwei said: " we held vehicle handover ceremony to witness 1274  electric cars of the Suda brand entering the government departments and people's lives.This event will be the forth significant achievement beyond exported to German, as well as handover to Market Regulation Authority and Judicial Authority
In recent years, Sanmenxia city seizes the historical opportunity of national support for the development of new energy vehicle industry, earnestly implements the strategic positioning of Sanmenxia City as the new energy vehicle industry base of the province. We takes the Suda electric vehicle project as the "No.1 Project" of Sanmenxia City's industrial transformation and upgrading.We fully utilize the strength of government, enterprises and customers  with comprehensive effect and helped Sunda company to achieved a good start in production and marketing, and made a key step in the field of new energy vehicles. 
On behalf of Suda company, Li Fuhuo expressed his gratitude to the leaders and friends who have long-term cared for and supported Suda. He said:
"Suda’s development has always been accompanied with you. We never forget our mission of “manufacture the vehicle for mankind”and produce the high-quality vehicle to return your supports.
The small and flexible hatchback will surely win everyone's recognition and make a positive contribution to the economic development of the beautiful swan city. At the delivery ceremony, representatives of Hubin District and municipal investment group delivered speeches successively.
 Group representatives such as Mianchi County, Hubin District, shaanzhou District, Lingbao City, Lushi County, Urban and Rural Integration Demonstration Area, Municipal Affairs Administration Bureau, Municipal Investment Group came to the stage to get the key respectively. After the handover ceremony, the leaders and guests viewed the company.