Suda company held a departure ceremony for Sanmenxia basic judicial office

Release Time : 2020-05-18 09:14:00
Suda company held a departure ceremony for municipal basic judicial office

On May 18, the departure ceremony for the municipal basic judicial office was held in Henan Suda electric vehicle technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Suda company).

Shen Liming, director of the Provincial Department of Justice, Lu Jianxue, deputy director of the Department, Li Yunchang, director of the office, song Ruiping, director of the grassroots work guidance division, Liu Xiangdong, director of the publicity department, and Li Xing, director of the planning and financial equipment department attended the departure ceremony.

An Wei, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor, Zhang Longzhi, Secretary of the Party committee and director of the Municipal Bureau of justice, Wang Zhichao, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Economic Development Zone, Li Ruixia, director of the management committee, and Li Fuhuo, chairman of Henan Suda electric vehicle Technology Co., Ltd., attended the departure ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by sun Jiwei, vice mayor of the municipal government.

On behalf of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, Anwei expressed welcome to the leaders and guests who came to this event and thanked the people who have been concerning and supporting the development of the city's economy, society and new energy automobile industry for a long time.
Anwei said in recent years we seizes the historical opportunity of the national support for the development of new energy vehicle industry and implements the strategic of "building Sanmenxia into the new energy vehicle industry base of the province". We vigorously promotes the Suda electric vehicle project as the "No.1 Project" of the city's industrial transformation and obtains the certification from National Development and Reform Commission and "double certification" of the Ministry of industry and information technology at one time depend on its excellent core technology.Suda has become the first enterprise in Henan Province and the 11th enterprise in China to obtain electric vehicle production qualification.The procurement of 100 new energy official vehicles made by the judicial system is not only the recognition and encouragement of the Provincial Department of justice to the new energy vehicle brand of our city, but also the vivid practice of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government to assist in transformation and upgrading, increase the return to work and production, and boost consumer confidence. It fully demonstrates the firm determination and confidence of the provincial and municipal  to fully support the company in opening up the market.The mayor hoped that Suda will take this opportunity to further strengthen the scientific and technological innovation, improve the quality of automobile and the driving and passenger service level, further promote the strategic cooperation in more fields and deeper level. While Suda entered in the new energy automobile market ,it will improve the high-quality development of the city's economy and society. The mayor hoped that all county (city, district) governments fully use these official law enforcement vehicles and serving the economic and social development well. He also mentioned that officers will be good promoters of the vehicles let the Suda brand to be well known in Sanmenxia. Meanwhile, Anwei sincerely wish that all the leaders and guests will continue to support the economic and social development of the city and always visit to Sanmenxia so as to give us a pulse consultation and guidance to better promote the sustainable and healthy economic and social development of the city. On behalf of the Provincial Department of justice, Shen Liming expressed gratitude to Sanmenxia Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government for their long-term concern, support and help in judicial administration, and congratulated the high-quality development of the company.

Shen Liming said that in recent years, under the correct leadership of Sanmenxia municipal Party committee and municipal government, the judicial administrative departments at all levels in Sanmenxia have not forgotten their original ideas and kept their mission in mind. The officers in the Municipal Judicial really do their best work and get remarkable achievements. The director hoped that Sanmenxia Municipal Judicial Bureau will keep the heavy trust of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government in mind. The officers in the Municipal Judicial should take this opportunity of law enforcement vehicle assembly, take care and guarantee of grass-roots level as the work orientation, constantly improve the level of judicial administration ability, provide a strong guarantee for the high-quality development of the economy and society with high spirited ,full enthusiasm, more powerful working measures and more solid working style. Shen Liming except that Suda company will continue to play a leading role in industry demonstration. He anticipate that Suda could strive to build a new benchmark for high-quality development of electric vehicles in the whole province and even in the whole country through continuously in product quality improvement, standardization construction and intellectual property application. The Provincial Department of justice will also continue to support the construction of sanmenxia, further to make positive contributions for serving the reform and development of Henan province and composing a more brilliant chapter in the central China.
Li Fuhuo extended a warm welcome to all the leaders and guests present at the venue, and thanked to the leaders and friends who have cared about and supported Suda development. Li fuhuo said that the basic judicial office has always been rooted in the grass-roots level serve the masses.Municipal basic judicial office purchased the Suda electric vehicle as a law enforcement vehicle, which is to take the concept of "Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets" with practical actions to promote the development and popularization of the Suda electric vehicle application. Since Suda electric vehicle entered into the market, it has won the recognition and appreciation of customers. Suda electric vehicle has four unique technologies, which are vehicle active control technology, automatic speed regulation and power upgrading of motor and control system, balanced discharge technology and fast constant temperature charging system.In particular, the SA01 model of "advanced, robust and durability" has entered the German market and demonstrated the charm of China's rapid development to the world.I believe that Suda electric vehicles distributed to the municipal basic judicial offices will make the basic judicial work more convenient and efficient, bring a "green" enforcement landscape for the basic judicial work, and make the judicial workers become the vanguard of the pollution prevention.Suda people are willing to work with judicial officers accelerating the technological innovation of new energy vehicles and the development of related industries to push forward the rapid economic development of Henan Province so as to construct beautiful Sanmenxia, beautiful Henan and beautiful China.
After the departure ceremony, the leaders and guests visit Suda company.