‘Suda charging’ is launched for Sanmenxia Smart City building

Release Time : 2020-04-09 09:02:00

At present, Henan Suda charging equipment Co., Ltd was officially launched "smart charging service platform" to provide convenient electric vehicle charging for the local residents. Uses  only need to follow Wechat Official Accounts or search “Suda Charging” in Wechat Mini Program and then you can apply the convenient functions like charging map, equipment screening, location navigation, charging control, payment of fees, user reviews and others.
“Suda smart charging service platform" is a complete and convenient SaaS platform. Based on the function modules of on-site station management, user management, operation management, metering and billing, payment and settlement, data statistics, monitoring and warning, it has expanded more than 100 detailed functions, which can provide users with charging navigation, abnormal automatic reminder Full charge reminder, online settlement, Bill query, charging appointment, one button start / stop charging and other convenient services. Data encryption security isolation adopt dew data encryption technology with 100% network isolation. All operations of the key will be subject to access control and log tracking to strictly guarantee the information security of users. It also provides multi-dimensional business data statistics and query business. The system also forecast the product life cycle according to the daily, weekly, monthly and annual data reports. Therefore, we are committed to providing more convenient charging services for the electric vehicle users to expand the promotion and application of electric vehicles through to make full use of the charging pile.
In addition to providing public services, Suda charging will also empower the construction of Sanmenxia smart city.The platform will fully collect the data and conduct real-time monitoring from each charging pile.It will provide statistical analysis, charging map, charging station management, charging equipment management, site monitoring, content management, operation management and other background supervision functions.According to the scientific layout of users’ data, we will achieve win-win situation between users, operator government and other aspects, and empower to build a smarter city system.
Henan Suda charging equipment Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sanmenxia Suda transportation energy saving Technology Co., Ltd., focusing on the creation and operation of the new energy vehicle charging service chain.The company fully take the advantage of more than ten years scientific research and development accumulation from its parent company Sanmenxia Suda transportation energy saving Technology Co., Ltd. It has not only  the intelligent platform,but also designs and develops more than 10 kinds of DC piles, AC piles, car accessories and intelligent products for different functions.The product has cool appearance, complete functions, safety and reliability, high cost performance. Suda charging is based on the idea of "bold innovation, win-win cooperation". Under the vision of "quick charging, convenient and unlimited", it has accumulated a large number of resources of "vehicle + pile + position + user + peripheral industry".Suda charging  strives to become an important role in "Internet plus" new energy vehicle application.
In return to the majority of new energy vehicle users, from now on to May 8,  Suda smart charging platform will provide free charge service.More importantly, we will also carry out activities such as delivery coupons to provide more convenient charging services for the new energy vehicle users. (Henan Suda Electric Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd.)