Sanmenxia Residents visit Suda company to experience the electrical vehicles dur

Release Time : 2020-05-05 11:37:00
During the Labour Day period,A series of Holiday Theme experience activities was carried out in Henan Suda Electric Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Suda company). A large number of Sanmenxia local residents experience Suda electric vehicle including the terms of vehicle control,vehicle power, appearance, interior decoration, endurance and safety drive.

In the Suda company, the theme activity of "Entering Suda" holiday experience attracted a large number of citizens to visit and experience. The visiting citizens learned detailed information of the development process, car building concept, team spirit, core technology, enterprise honor, talent technology reserve, manufacturing management, production technology and other overall conditions of the company.They also went to the testing ground and experience the vehicle performance. Although the experience activity only lasted for more than one hour, the modern plant with a strong sense of science and technology and the Suda electric vehicle attracts the local residents. They all said the activity really broaden their horizons and let them learned a lot. They highly appreciated the Suda let them have an unforgettable Labour Day Holiday.

After the testing drive of the Suda electric vehicle, Ms. Jiao, a citizen, said to the reporter, "the feeling of the testing drive is that the Suda electric vehicle has sufficient power and fast speed. There is no noise in the driving process, and the operation system is simple, which is very friendly for commuters."

There are still a lot of participants full of enthusiastic  attending the experience activities in the company despite the hot weather. Besides the Suda company,the staff has carried out similar theme experience activities in Shaanxi Park, Yellow River Park, Guoguo Park, Sanmenxia international cultural and Expo City and other areas.  The  activities deliver Suda company the increasingly popular during holidays, Suda EV become the superstar among Sanmenxia citizens.