Suda Company held handover ceremony for Sanmenxia market supervision system

Release Time : 2020-04-25 08:58:00
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Suda Company held handover ceremony for Sanmenxia market supervision system
On April 24, the electric vehicle handover ceremony was held in Henan Suda Electric Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Suda company) for Sanmenxia market supervision system.100 pure white Suda electric cars are placed in order and waited for handover time at  the site.After their participation, it will greatly improve the equipment level of the municipal market supervision department and play a positive role in promoting the development of market supervision.
Ma Linqing, secretary of the Party group and director of the provincial market supervision bureau, Yin Guangju, office director of the provincial market supervision bureau, and Hu Xianhong, inspector of the food business department in the provincial market supervision bureau attended the handover ceremony.

Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Committee, Mayor Anwei, Party Member and Secretary-General of the Municipal Government, Guo Zhongyi, Secretary of the Party and Labor Committee of the Economic Development Zone, Vice President of Zhengda Group of Thailand, Fu Xuejun, Chairman of Suda Electric Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd. Li Fuhuo attended the delivery ceremony.The ceremony was presided over by Sun Jiwei, vice mayor of the municipal government.
At the handover ceremony, the leaders and guests present at the ceremony distributed vehicle keys to the heads of the county (city) and district market supervision administration. On behalf of the provincial market supervision bureau, Ma Linqing deliver his gratitude to Sanmenxia municipal Party committee and the municipal government for their long-term support to market supervision. He also congratulated the Suda company on its high-quality development. Ma Linqing said that under the leadership of Sanmenxia municipal Party committee and municipal government recent years, Sanmenxia market supervision departments at all levels have not forgotten their original vision and kept their mission in mind.They have the courage to take on responsibilities and innovate so that to explored and established the Sanmenxia model of "non-public Party building" in the whole country. The supervision bureau make a example of "publicity and supervision", "bulk coal management" and "administration according to law" in the whole province, and gained praise and experience from society. These achievements are made by the Sanmenxia municipal Party committee and municipal government and all class of society.
Ma Linqing hoped that Sanmenxia Market Supervision Bureau will bear the heavy trust of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government.The Supervision Bureau should take this event as a new beginning,take care of the basic staff and standardize the car usage.The market supervision bureau will devote ourselves to the work of market supervision with a more high spirited, fuller enthusiasm ,more powerful work measures, and a more solid work style.The market supervision bureau will continue to improve the market supervision and governance system and the modernization level of governance capacity to provide strong support for high-quality economic and social development.Ma Linqing hoped that Suda company will continue to play a leading role in industry demonstration and make efforts in product quality improvement, standardization construction and intellectual property application so that to strive to build a new benchmark for the high-quality development of electric vehicles in the whole province and even in the whole country.On behalf of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, Anwei expressed gratitude to the provincial market supervision bureau and people from all classes  concerning and supporting the development of the city's economy, society and new energy automobile industry for a long time.

He said that our city seizes the historical opportunity of the national support for the development of new energy vehicle industry in recent years and earnestly implements the strategic positioning of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government of "make Sanmenxia into the new energy vehicle industry base of the province". We have vigorously promoted the Suda electric vehicle project as the "No.1 Project" in the city's industrial transformation and won the "double certification" of the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of industry and information technology at one time with excellent core technology. Suda became the first enterprise in Henan Province and the 11th enterprise in China to obtain the  electric vehicle production qualification.After the first mass production vehicle was successfully launched on March 20 last year, Suda passed the EU certification in February this year. The first 200 vehicles were shipped to Germany on April 20, officially opening a new journey to enter the overseas market.The 100 electric vehicles purchased by the market supervision system are the first batch of new energy official enforcement vehicles launched by our city, which is a positive action of the market supervision system in response to the call of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government to take the lead in using new energy vehicles.It is also a vivid practice to help resume production and boost consumer confidence.The activity fully reflects the determination and confidence of the whole city to support the Suda brand to accelerate market promotion.

An wei hope Suda company can take the opportunity to further strengthen scientific and technological innovation and improve the quality and driving service of automobiles.The mayor hope Suda can promote strategic cooperation of official vehicles in more fields and deeper level and land in the new energy vehicle market injecting strong momentum into the city's high-quality economic and social development.The mayor hopes that the governments of all counties (cities and districts) will give full use these electric to enforcement vehicles to serve the economic and social development,while be a good promoter and marketer of the Suda car so as to better and faster promote the popularity of the Suda brand in Sanmenxia.