China's Haoche Company President Xie Ruqin visited Suda

Release Time : 2020-03-20 13:53:00
On March 18, Xie Ruqin, President of China Haoche company and her delegation visited Henan Suda Electric Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Suda company). Li Zhihua, vice president of China Haoche company , Tao Yong, operation manager and others  accompanied the visit.
China Haoche company is the first one-stop solution and service provider of automobile O2O whole industry chain in China, which is subordinate to Henan Hongguan automobile service group. It is a new retail automobile mall integrating automobile trade, finance, service and  culture,Haoche company always attract customer through trade, focus on vehicle economic, support customer with service, bring out values through their car culture. In order to build the first brand in the whole vehicle industry with highly credibility, value, service and creativity, Haoche company will form the whole vehicle chain and become the industry standard and model.
China Haoche company is rooted in Henan Province. After a long-term development and operation, it has laid more than 100 channels and outlets across the province. All branches have been strictly audited and are powerful local automobile related sites. As a powerful brand of one-stop chain in the whole industry , Haoche company visited Suda to seek cooperation in the field of new energy vehicles after the inspection of many parties.
Up to now, with the concern and support from the CPC party and government, the Henan Suda Electric Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd., has been widely gained obvious competitive advantage in the industry at home and abroad with continuous development capabilities and advanced and mature technology under more than 30 years research and development.

In April this year, the Suda electric car will be exported to Germany, a powerful country in the automobile industry. This initiative has delivered a significant milestone for the Chinese automobile industry. Because of the huge development potential, Haoche company has finally made cooperation with Suda which embodies the mission and responsibility of this generation of automobile people.
Accompanied by Song Zehou, vice chairman of the company and Li Xuefeng, vice general manager, Xie Ruqin and her delegation visited the exhibition hall, test center, trial production center, stamping, welding and general assembly workshop of the company. They watched the corporate promotional film and viewed the demonstration of high-tech design technology and the sample vehicles of the company, as well as the core technologies such as drive motor, vehicle controller, CDU assembly and other information like R & D, production, marketing.
In the intelligent test field of Suda company, Xie Ruqin and her delegation took a test drive of the latest battery electric car that produced by Suda company which master the research and development abilities. Ms. Xie Ruqin gave a highly praise to the power system, stability, climbing performance, etc. At the symposium, Xie ruqin expressed her honor for visiting the company. After the visiting and studying in the company, Xie Ruqin said that she learned a lot about Suda and is full of confidence in the following sales.     
Suda actively partipating in the ”Belt and Road” initiative, carried out economic cooperation and technical exchanges with Germany, Uzbekistan and other countries. In just two years, Suda's products have won international recognition. In the future, we hope we can promote sales work through mutual cooperation to deal with the heated competition, and spread the products from Henan to the world.
Song Zehou expressed welcome and thanks to Xie Ruqin and her delegation, and looked forward to the cooperation between two sides. Song Zehou said that the company has always attached great importance to the leading role of scientific and technological innovation in industrial development. At present, it has mastered and applied many core technologies in the field of new energy electric vehicles. As the only pure electric vehicle passenger vehicle enterprise in Henan Province, Suda company is very willing to cooperate with the powerful sales company. we expect the win-win situation through the hard work and  continuously innovation, so that benefit consumers, suppliers, dealers, etc.
At the symposium, the two sides conducted extensive and in-depth discussions on the details of cooperation such as sales mode and innovation mechanism, and reached a preliminary consensus on strategic cooperation.