Biography of Li Guanying, Deputy Party Secretary of Henan Suda Electric Vehicle

Release Time : 2019-03-01 15:44:41
Li Guanying, 45 years old, former military officer, leaved troop in 2015, is now the Deputy Secretary of CPC and the Secretary of Commission of Henan Suda Electric Vehicle Technology Co.,ltd. Leaving the troop and entering an enterprise, though the environment and his position have changed, he still keeps his sense of responsibility as always, acting like an soldier, and has made great contributions in the work promotion, safety control and service assurance of Suda.
In recent days, the reporter interviewed him and got to know him in Suda
Biography of Li Guanying, Deputy Party Secretary of Henan Suda Electric Vehicle Technology Co.,ltd

Suda’s Sense of Mission Impressed Me a Lot
In 2015, Li Guanying leaved the troop where he had lived for 22 years, gave up work opportunity provided by the govement, and chose his interested profession. Then after a series of selection, he entered Suda, hold the post of the Deputy Secretary of CPC and the Secretary of Commission, and take charge of the party construction and the logistical support related work. He said that he was greatly impressed by Suda’s mission of Suda Technology, Benefit of Mankind.

“Being a solider demands military competence, to gain the battle; working in an enterprise also demands production management ability to make more contributions to the company development. When I joined Suda, I was no longer a commander but a new recruit, and I have a lot to lea, to practice and to accumulate,” said Li Guanying. In order to integrate into the company quickly, he often took books along and went to the production line to lea from professionals and workers.

No matter how busy he is, he insists to lea political theories and enterprise management knowledge for over two hours everyday, and never stop improving himself like he has behaved in the troop.
Act Like a Model, Rose to the Challenge, Overcome Difficulties
In the late August, 2018, the project construction and equipment installation work of Suda were all went into crucial stage, and the company appoint Li Guanying to fully charge of the inspection promotion work. With much challenges and difficulties, he took over the responsibility, and then shuttled himself between the components workshop, stamping workshop, welding workshop, coating workshop and the power station with less than 5 hours’ sleep everyday.

He didn’t took one day off during these critical periods and lost 15 pounds in three months. Later when he got special approval to have a rest and went hometown, his wife almost failed to recognize him and joked that he went to Africa for adventure.
Take Progress with Colleagues as Striving Direction
“A solider takes obedience as the first duty, but for company management, human-based mode should be emphasized, treat each staff as one’s own relatives,” said Li Guanying. In his opinion, each employee is valuable for a company, and they deserve a good work environment to enhance their sense of belonging and improve cohesion, then they will make more contributions to the company development.

In order to ensure new hire moved into employee dormitory smoothly, he often leaded the Logistics Department staff to the dormitory to check the infrastructure, solve water and electricity problems timely; in order to reduce staff financial burden, he arranged business cars to help staff move into dormitory. When he leaed that some staff were not get used to the local food, he arranged special window in the employee canteen to provide special recipes for them.

“Thanks to the company and all colleagues’ help, I’ve made great progress,” said Li Guanying, “Suda is providing an broad development platform for each staff, and I’ve always take worker better and progress with all colleagues as my direction.”