Suda EV Won National Double-approval Qualification from NDRC and MIIT

Release Time : 2019-01-07 15:50:45

Suda EV got production qualification from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China (MIIT) at present

Suda EV got production qualification from the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) in the past

Suda EV Won National Double-approval Qualification 
On January 4th, 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China released the Motor Vehicle Announcement on Licensed Manufactures and Products (Batch 315), and New Energy Vehicle Recommendation Catalogue (Batch 13, 2018), in which Henan Suda Electric Vehicle Technology Co.,ltd (Suda) was listed. The launch of the announcement means that Suda have officially passed the “double-approval qualification” by the NDRC and MIIT, and became the first enterprise in Henan Province received national “double-approval qualification” of pure electric passenger car. The “double-approval qualification” is the milestone for Suda, means that Suda will enter into a new stage of bulk production.
The 11th “Double-approval Qualification” EV Enterprise
For new energy vehicle production enterprises, NDRC’s approval is the first step of vehicle manufacture, and only when receiving MIIT’s authorization can an enterprise has qualification for vehicle production and sales. On 3 28th, 2017, Suda got project approval from the NRDC to produce 100,000 sets of electric vehicles. Now Suda has successfully passed the MIIT’s authorization, and became the 11th enterprise in China acquired “double-approval qualification” from the NDRC and MIIT.   

Leading vehicle core technology, strict executive standards, unceasing research and development, years of exploration and accumulation, utility cooperation of team members, all this makes what Suda has become today.

Currently, Suda put much attention on the synchronous layout of the domestic and overseas in market expansion and technology development. It has made contribution to the national new-energy vehicle industry, and it’s confident to make more significant contribution to the national industry by joint efforts with more organizations and enterprises for great products and advanced new technology.

In the 1990s, Suda founder Li Fuhuo and its technician Cao Binggang have foreseen that new energy vehicle would become a new growth point for future vehicle industry development. Then they dedicated to the research and development of its core technology ahead of others. Years has passed, now Suda has developed into an competitive new energy vehicle enterprise with advanced and mature products and technology under support of the CPC and the govement, which inspires its employees a lot for a better Suda.
Advanced technology, make Suda technology leading the world
In order to comprehensively promote the development of new energy vehicle industry, keep the technology being prospective and advanced, in recent years Suda has built Sanmenxi Suda Energy Saving New-energy Technology Technology Institute, Suda Electric Vehicle Technology Center, Henan Provincial Academy Workstation, Henan Provincial Post-doctoral R&D Base, and was awarded the Provincial Research Center of Electric Vehicle Power System and BEV Public Technology Design R&D Center as the only Henan enterprise with such title. It has gathered hundreds of world-renowned experts, scholars and technicians who are all professional and experienced in new-energy vehicle field, led by Xie Boyou from Academy of Engineering, Professor Cao Binggang, Doctor Ma Mingtu, Doctor Li Fuhuo, Senior Engineer Zhang Xifu, and whole vehicle R&D and production team composed of professionals in the scientific research, strategic program, product strategy and marketing fields.

On November 21st, after the opening ceremony of the 1st Blue Container on the New Silk Road, the Germany Rhein Times states that the China Suda Electric Vehicle is smart and advanced, is what Germany hoped for. In the following two years, Suda representatives have went to Germany many times for exhibition of its BEV and technical products of BEV core components, which received good reputation among local citizens, and many world-class technical centers looking for cooperation with Suda including RWTH Aachen University and Germany FEV.

With years of R&D and technology accumulation, now Suda has completely mastered and applied the five core technology of Vehicle Integration, Vehicle Lightweight, Vehicle Control System, Power Battery System, Drive and Control System, obtained more than 100 patent of invention, has vehicle forward development ability, and accumulates solid new-energy vehicle technical reserves for future further development.  
Unremitting Efforts, Produce Vehicle for People of the World
Suda President Li Fuhuo likes cars very much since he was a little kid. During his college years, he was involved in the research and study activity in the auto lab of Xi’an Jiaotong University and Chang’an University. The rich leaing environment and the professional experts impressed him much, and that’s when he began his ambition and dream in new-energy vehicle field.

Suda BEV project, as the No.1 Project to promote the city’s transformation and upgrading, and as a key project of Coer Overtaking of Henan Province, has become the focus in the domestic and foreign auto industry and among citizens. Since its establishment, it has been insisting the philosophy of “Suda Technology, Benefit of Mankind”, the mission of “Build EV for the People of the World”, and the strategic development direction of “Product Focused, Develop Technology, Based on the Nation, Seize Opportunities Both Inteally and Exteally”, and aims to produce more high-quality new energy vehicles that is affordable for ordinary people.

The ecological civilization construction is about human future, and our country pays high attention to the sustainable development and green development. In order to protect and improve environment, and help realize the sustainable development, Suda has built the automatic, intelligent, green, environment friendly, mode, integrative BEV production and sales enterprise, will realize annual output value up to 35,600,000,000 yuan, profits tax up to 7,000,000,000 yuan, and will attract affiliated enterprises to settle down, then realize indirect annual output value of over 100,000,000,000 yuan and hire more than 200,000 employees.

In the future, Suda will gradually developed into an new-energy vehicle industrial park that makes BEV R&D and production as the core, accelerates the auto auxiliary parts industry cluster, and builds it into an inteational first-class vehicle and equipment manufacturing base.
Go Dreaming and Never Give Up
Currently, the Blue Container on the New Silk Road -- Inteational Cultural and Economic Exchange of the Belt and Road Initiative that is launched by Suda and other organizations is moving ahead in an orderly manner. The programme is an response to the great One Belt and Road Initiative. Suda actively involves him in the project, and takes actions to help more enterprises to realize an global layout of “quality following”. The programme use the economic belt land platform and the Europe-Asia railway to connect the 11 countries, 27 regions and cities along the line, and will promote economic integration and cultural blending, and bring common prosperity.

Referring to the cooperation with Suda, the Germany DCKD Chairman Guo Jian expressed that it’s the first time in history that Chinese independent BEV brand was on display in Germany. He not only appreciates Suda high-quality BEV, but also is greatly impressed by its company philosophy “Build BEV for People of the World”. He really cherishes the cooperation with SUda, and firmly believes that it will become an inteational new-energy new-tech enterprise with profound culture heritage and greater market potential.

Since the cooperation with DCKD in 2017, as the co-sposor, Suda has been actively involved in the Blue Container on the New Silk Road, and has achieved great achievements. On the One hand, it utilizes its unique regional advantage to export products to European countries and brings in technology for common development; on the other hand, it promotes the cooperation of countries along and explores new markets to boost more enterprises development.

Suda president Li Fuhuo expressed that the BEV project, as the No.1 project to realize the city’s transformation development and the key project to realize the province’s coer overtaking, has been greatly supported by the govement. The national “double-approval qualification” is just the first step of its future striving, and it indicates that Suda will move into a new era of high speed development, a era to produce more high-quality BEV and new-energy products for people of the world.